Drugs and Travelling

Penalties for buying, using, possessing or trafficking drugs can be severe.  If you get caught using, buying, possessing or trafficking drugs, you will be dealt with under the legal system of the country that you are visiting, where penalties may range from a hefty fine or time in prison, through to life imprisonment or a death sentence.

Don’t muck around with drugs – even possessing a tiny amount could land you in a foreign jail for a long prison sentence.

The detection of illegal substances in your blood or urine can constitute possession in some countries, no matter how long ago the drugs were consumed.  Depending where you are visiting, you could also be charged if trace amounts of illegal drugs are found on your body, clothing or luggage.

Pack your own luggage

Pack your own bag, don’t leave your bags unattended, and never carry a suitcase, bag or parcel into or out of a country for someone else.  Think about locking your luggage, and check for signs of tampering when getting your bags of the baggage carousel.

If you need help

If you do get caught buying, using, possessing or trafficking drugs overseas, Australian Consulates may be able to help you by keeping in contact with your family back home, provide general information for you, or give you a list of English-speaking local lawyers, but are unable to provide legal advice or any special treatment for you.

Need more info?

Check out the Smart Traveller website.