Warranty – what is it?  Some items or products are sold with a warranty. A warranty is a promise that if the product is faulty or breaks down within a specific period of time after you buy it (and it is not the fault of the user), that the item will be repaired or replaced.

Items have different lengths of warranty. It is important to check what the warranty is and what the terms are when you purchase a product.

You will normally need your receipt to claim on a warranty.

A retailer may offer you an extended warranty for an extra fee. You should always check that this warranty is value for money and does not conflict with the manufacturers warranty.

Under Australian Consumer Law there are consumer guarantees, so when you buy products and services they come with automatic guarantees. These guarantees give you, the buyer, a right to have faulty items fixed even if you do not have a warranty or extended warranty or even if the warranty has expired. But this has to be within reason. For example, if you buy a $200 toaster and it breaks after 12 months and your warranty has ended and you did not purchase an extended warranty, whoever sold you the toaster or the manufacturer of the toaster should replace it. The automatic guarantee would probably not apply if the toaster was $20.

For more information on consumer guarantees visit Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Guarantees website.

Differences between states

Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, you can contact NT Consumer Affairs for more information.


In the ACT, for more information you can visit the Access Canberra website.

Western Australia

For more information please visit the Department of Commerce.


For more information please visit NSW Fair Trading.


For more information, you can visit the Fair Trading website.

South Australia

For more information, you can contact Consumer and Business Services, or check out the Consumer Rights section of the South Australian Government website.


In Tasmania, you can contact Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading for more information.


For more information please visit the Queensland Office of Fair Trading.