De facto Relationships

A de facto relationship is a relationship where two people (who can be of the same or opposite sex) live together in a marriage-like relationship but are not married.

These marriage-like relationships are often things like called civil partnerships, domestic or significant relationships.

In some states and territories, you can register your de facto relationship – find more information about your region below.

Differences between states


Contact Access Canberra for more information on registering a civil partnership.


You can apply to register a relationship in NSW online through Service NSW.


For more information on registering a domestic relationship in Victoria, check out the Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria website.

South Australia

Same sex relationships are recognised under SA law as domestic partnerships if two adults live together as a couple.

Domestic partnerships are registered through Consumer and Business Services.


You can register a significant relationship through Births, Deaths and Marriages Tasmania.


You can register a civil partnership in Queensland through the Queensland Government.